Civil Partnerships


Since December 2005 same sex couples in the UK have had the legal right to formalise their relationship by entering into a civil partnership, and while there are some key differences between a marriage and civil partnership, legally speaking they are largely the same.

This means that those entering into civil partnerships should consider the same things heterosexual couples getting married do – pre-partnership agreements to do with assets and property, pension splitting and the tax implications of the partnership.

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Civil partnerships in more detail

Civil partners have the same rights as married couples when it comes to issues like social security and life insurance recognition. They are also entitled to the same exemptions and benefits when it comes to inheritance tax and pensions.

The only thing required to register a civil partnership is the signing of a document – civil partners can add a marriage-like ceremony if they wish, but it is not necessary.


Civil partnerships can be dissolved for many of the same reasons marriages can be legally ended with a divorce, including irreconcilable differences, unreasonable behaviour and a lengthy period of separation – but a notable difference is that adultery cannot be used as a reason to dissolve a partnership.

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