Many marriages or relationships end amicably, with both sides remaining reasonable and parting ways positively, but unfortunately, this cannot be said of all splits. If a relationship breakdown has escalated to the point where you are fearful for your physical wellbeing or the wellbeing of your children, your personal finances are at risk, or someone is occupying your home and you want them to leave, it is time to consider your legal options.

Our experienced solicitors can help you to obtain injunctions against former or current partners who are threatening you physically, or using your assets or money in a way which you have not agreed to and wish to stop.

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More information about injunctions

There are three main kinds of injunction that can be obtained – financial, domestic violence and occupation of the home. Find out more about the specifics of each type of injunction below.

  • Financial

Financial injunctions are appropriate in cases where a partner has concerns that their partner is hiding or moving money to mask their true financial situation, or is being notably frivolous to the detriment of a future financial agreement.

These types of injunctions safeguard remaining assets by freezing them until a financial agreement has been formalised.

  • Domestic violence

Legally speaking, domestic violence includes physical, emotional, sexual and psychological abuse. If you are a victim of domestic violence, we can obtain a non-molestation order on your behalf, affording protection to you, and your children if relevant.

  • Occupation of the home

If you believe you are at risk at home you may want your partner, spouse or cohabitee to leave your house. Occupation of the home injunctions can instruct people to leave a property, and can also be used if you have left a home and wish to return, but do not want your spouse to be there when you do so.

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