Welcome to our new website

04.12.2018 Top News
Welcome to our new website

Here at Temperley Taylor we’re extremely pleased to present our newly launched bespoke website, built and designed by the team at Purple Creative. We went to Purple with a vision to make our website more accessible for its users by bringing more personality and functionality to the website, but still be reflective of the high-quality professional service we provide.

website looking sharp and clean, reflecting our company. When it came to the design of our new site, we wanted to make it more accessible for its visitors and make the services we offer more comprehensible, so the new site is focused around who we are and the services that we offer. Through the simple and concise design, the user is guided straight towards how we can help them. 

Our new site has been designed with the user journey in mind, using our new platform to not only showcase the wealth of legal expertise and wide range of services we offer, but also to make it easier for the user to select the sector most relevant to their requirements. To make the site as easy to navigate as possible, we’ve broken down the services we offer into sector and added a search functionality to the site, allowing people to directly search for the services they require. 

To bring more personality to our site, we’ve included testimonials and images of our staff, giving users an idea of who will be dealing with their case and the expertise they hold. When browsing the site, users will find lots of information about the company and images of our staff, to get to know us and what we do. Seeking legal advice can be daunting, so by letting users know who we are and what previous clients have to say about us reduces the anxiety of reaching out to one of our specialist solicitors. 

We also wanted to make it easier for clients to register a query or discuss a case with us, by including several calls to action across the site. On each sector page, we have included a button where users can ‘Request a Call Back’ regarding a specific service, and we have also included a ‘Get in Touch’ message box for people who perhaps need more guidance with which sector can best support their case. Each of our telephone numbers for our different offices have been made to feature prominently on our site home page in order to make them easily visible and act as a first port of call, something we hope people looking for a quick way to get in touch with us will find helpful. We also feature the different contact numbers throughout the different webpages, allowing users to find the number they need without clicking around the site. 

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