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The well-being of your children will always be your first concern. If social services become involved with your family our specialist solicitors will provide you with advice and support.

We can also assist other family members who wish to care for children within their family. 


Care Proceedings


In some instances, the local authority’s concerns may be enough for them to start care proceedings. This may involve them seeking the removal of your children into foster care or placing them into the care of another family member during these proceedings.

You may be asked to sign a section 20 agreement for your children to go into foster care. We can advise you whether this is appropriate depending on your circumstances. During care proceedings, we will arrange representation for you at all court hearings and will advise you as to any assessments that social services may undertake and ensure appropriate contact arrangements are in place.

Legal aid is available to enable you to be represented free of charge if you are a parent in proceedings or have an order that says a child lives with you who is the subject of the application.

Legal aid may be available for other parties joined into care proceedings but will be assessed on a means and merits basis and is not always available.

PLO Proceedings


If your local authority has concerns as to the care and well-being of your children, they might decide to undertake Public Law Outline Proceedings (PLO). They will invite you to attend these proceedings to highlight areas of concern and to work with you to address these concerns. We can advise you in this process and attend the PLO meeting with you to ensure that any work or assessments arising from these proceedings are appropriate.

If you have a letter telling you that PLO is being started and you are a parent you will get free legal aid for these proceedings.



If you wish to adopt a child or your child is being adopted, we can represent you in those proceedings.

All our specialist solicitors are members of the Law Society’s Children’s Panel which recognises their skills in dealing with cases regarding your children.

Costs for this work will be charged at our hourly rate.

Special Guardians


If you wish to become a special guardian for children that you are looking after we can assist you in making the application to court and representing, you in the court proceedings. In some cases, Legal Aid may be available for these proceedings.