Matrimonial Finances

Matrimonial Finances

Whether you have separated or are ending your marriage or civil partnership you will need to resolve your family’s finances.

We can advise you about how your financial assets are likely to be split if you cannot agree the matter with your former spouse and need to go to court.

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Before court proceedings start we will assist you in trying to agree a settlement with your spouse.

If an agreement is reached, this can be put into a Deed of Separation which will be signed by you and your spouse/partner or can be submitted to court in the form of an agreed Order for approval by a Judge.

If an agreement cannot be reached, we can assist you through the proceedings to resolve finances. The court will consider: -

  • How the equity in your matrimonial home should be divided or whether one party can remain in the property
  • How any other assets you own are to be divided
  • How your debts should be shared (if any)
  • Whether your pension should be split
  • whether maintenance should be paid to your spouse or former spouse
  • In some cases, whether maintenance should be paid for your children