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A Will is a vital document that tells your loved ones what to do with your personal possessions, finances and property after your death.  It’s an essential legal document that can help to ease some of the uncertainty after you die.


People often think that you only need a Will when you get older but if you have children or own a property, a Will is essential – no matter how old you are.

Your Will is as unique as you are and for this reason it is best to avoid online or shop bought templates. No two Wills are the same, and it is important that they are drafted by a professional with the necessary experience. If your Will isn’t worded clearly or doesn’t cover all your personal assets, property and money, it could lead to legal issues when you die. This can put personal and financial strain on the friends and family members you leave behind. That is why it is always best to leave these complex legal matters to the professionals. That way, you can be sure that your personal wishes will be met and your friends and family benefit from your estate in the way that you want.

Here at Temperley Taylor, we have a dedicated team of solicitors in this area who are members of both Solicitors for the Elderly and the Society for Trust and Estate Practitioners. We can help you to plan for the future and ensure that your wishes are followed after death.

Your Will should include:


Life has a habit of changing right before our eyes, so once you draft your Will it’s not set in stone. You can revisit it at any time and make any changes you want to it – whenever your personal circumstances change. For example, if someone named in your Will passes away before you do, or a new child is born into the family, you may wish to change your Will to reflect the situation. It is also important to note that if you get married after you’ve written your Will, you’ll need to write a new one as marriage cancels any previously prepared Will and so the old one will be invalid.

Writing your Will can be daunting, after all, it’s not nice discussing what happens when we’re no longer here. That’s why we aim to make you as comfortable as possible – safe in the knowledge that your affairs will be dealt with exactly to your wishes.

Here at Temperley Taylor, our dedicated team of solicitors are specialists in this field. They’ve written Wills for people of all ages and backgrounds, and they’re happy to do the same for you. Our team are always on hand to chat about your Will, whether it’s a new one or a rewrite. They’re easy to talk to, highly experienced and compassionate and they’ll always put your wishes first so you know that your Will is written up exactly how you want it to be. Of course, everything must be compliant with the letter of the law. Having a professional help you prepare your Will is a great way to ensure that your final wishes are legally binding.



A trust is a legally binding document that guarantees certain people will receive specific things when you die. This can include property, land and money.

There are many different types of Trust that you can set up depending on who you want to leave your assets to and how. At Temperley Taylor we’ll make sure that the Trust you choose is right for you and your circumstances. That way, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that the beneficiaries benefit in the way you want.

Setting up a Trust can help to:

  • Protect your assets – so they cannot be used to pay for care home fees
  • Provide financial stability for your loved ones if they are below eighteen years of age, or if they are unable to manage their own finances for whatever reason