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The administration of a loved one’s estate can be a complicated and overwhelming experience.  Unless you have experienced bereavement previously, you may be unsure just what you must do.


At Temperley Taylor, our dedicated team of probate solicitors make the process as simple and straight forward as possible. We take a professional and sensitive approach that will provide you with the finest legal advice and guide you through this difficult time.

Our solicitors have experience with estates of all sizes and will seek to find the most effective way to administer the deceased’s assets. They will help you to deal with all the legal, tax and administrative processes after the death of a loved one. We can provide a complete solution including registering the death, making funeral arrangements, completing Inheritance Tax account and payments, applying for the Grant of Probate, collecting in the assets, paying any debts and distributing the estate.



Dying without a Will is called dying ‘intestate’. This means the responsibility of deciding what happens to the money, property or personal possessions in the deceased’s estate is left up to the ‘Intestacy Rules’ which provide a legal safety net to prevent a free-for-all situation where anybody can lay claim to the estate.

If no Will exists, we can help you apply for a Grant of Letters of Administration. Obtaining this Grant will allow you to be the administrator of the estate. Temperley Taylor will obtain the Grant as swiftly as possible, so you can begin the process and focus on other matters.