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A Lasting Power of Attorney is a useful legal tool that helps to make sure your personal or financial interests are properly taken care of.  If you’re worried that you might no longer be able to manage certain aspects of your life, either through old age, mobility problems or illness, a Lasting Power of Attorney can help take some of the load off.


With a Lasting Power of Attorney, you’ll choose someone you can trust to make decisions on your behalf. This can be a relative or a friend. The most important thing is that you trust them 100% as when the time comes, they will have full decision making powers over managing your finances and property, and even possibly your healthcare needs.

It is important to do your research when it comes to Lasting Powers of Attorney as there are different types that suit different needs. Here at Temperley Taylor, we’ll help you get to grips with the different types of Lasting Powers of Attorney and help you decide which is right for you. We’ll discuss your needs and help you choose the right person to help manage your affairs an we’ll put a plan in place to make sure your needs are covered. We’ll also make sure that the people you choose to manage your affairs know what they’re doing and we’re always here if either you or your attorneys need to discuss anything.

The two types of Lasting Powers of Attorney are:

  • Property and financial affairs – this allows you to choose someone to make decisions about your finances, operate your bank accounts, make investment decisions and buy or sell property on your behalf
  • Health and Welfare – this allows you to choose someone to make decisions about where you live, if care is needed, and about the medical treatment you receive