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In common with financial institutions and professional advisers we have a legal and professional duty to check and evidence the identity of our clients. The Money Laundering Regulations 2007 requires that we undertake client identification checks even when we may know you personally or have acted for you previously. Failure to do so can result in prosecution. Unfortunately, if the requisite evidence is not provided or cannot be validated then we will not be able act for you.

All identification documents provided must be original. We will copy these and return them straight back to you.

How do we verify your ID?


We can verify ID using various systems.

Electronic ID verification

We use Thirdfort for electronic identification purposes. Once we have been instructed, relevant forms returned, and monies deposited on account we will apply Thirdfort. You do not need to attend the office for this.

You will receive a text message on your phone explaining where to download the Thirdfort app and follow the steps on the app. This will then check your identification and undertake a money laundering check. This application can also undertake identification checks where third parties such as relatives /others are providing the client with funds.

Non electronic verification

You can provide appropriate identification from the list provided, preferably photographic, and we will take copies of these certify and undertake an anti-money laundering check.

Suitable forms of I.D


Identity Documents

  • Current Passport
  • Current UK or EEA Photocard Driving licence
  • EEA member state identity card

Proof of Address

  • a recent utility bill (not more than three months old) or statement, or a certificate from a utility supplier to pay for services on pre-payment terms (mobile telephone bills are not acceptable)
  • bank, building society or credit union statement or passbook containing your current address. Dated with 3 months. Must include account number and show recent activity
  • Credit Card Statement. Dated within 3 months. Must include account number and show recent activity
  • UK/EU/EEA Drivers Licence (if UK Drivers Licence not used as ID) Must be valid, not expired. Photo only
  • benefit book or original notification letter from the Benefits Agency confirming the right to benefits
  • Home or Motor Insurance Certificate. Dated within 12 months. Must state insured address or registered address for vehicle and policy number.
  • Original Birth Certificate
  • EEA Member ID Card
  • Tenancy Agreement dated with 12 months. Must state full name and full property address. Issued by local council, housing association, solicitor or reputable letting agent.
  • Photographic CIS4 (Construction Industry) Card
  • Benefit Book or original Entitlement Letter from Benefits Agency
  • Firearms or Shotgun Certificate
  • Utility Bill (Gas, Water, Electricity etc) issued in the last three months
  • LA Council Tax Bill for the current year
  • Current UK Driving Licence (if not used for evidence of name)
  • Bank or Building Society letter/statement issued in last three months


If you are acting as a Representative of an Estate, we require the following:

  • Grant of Probate (if a will was left)
  • Letter of administration (if no will left)
  • Individual identity evidence from List A & B for the Personal Representative, either executor or administrator


As above